Southern-Style Pickles

Photo: Ralph Anderson
You won't believe how great these pickles taste. Our Test Kitchens loved them, and you will too.

It takes a little time to wrap your mind around the idea of a fried pickle. Pickles + batter + hot grease seems an unlikely equation at first. But just imagine a salty pickle surrounded by a crunchy fried coating, and this tasty finger food takes on immediate appeal. Serve them at a casual party, using this terrific recipe. We sampled a variety of breadings and pickle flavors and shapes in our kitchens, but lengthwise-sliced dills with a light beer batter proved our favorites.

For Perfect Pickles

  1. Pat the pickles dry before dipping in the batter so it will adhere evenly.
  2. Keep the oil at a steady temperature by adding the pickles gradually.

Fried Pickle Recipe

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