When I think of a savory comfort week night meal, my mind instantly goes to hamburger steak with brown mushroom gravy, served atop a big old pile of mashed potatoes. What I like to do is start out with some 80/20 ground beef. I'm gonna use my hands and basically start to form some four to six ounce patties. And the key to making a hamburger steak or even a great burger for that matter is you never wanna overwork your meat mixtures, so I just wanna basically loosely form these, until they're just coming together. Now that we've formed the patties, I'm just gonna season both sides. I like to season it with kosher salt pretty liberally and some fresh cracked pepper [MUSIC] Kind of the secret here is a little bit of garlic powder as well. So last but not least, I'm gonna use my thumb and I'm just gonna make a small indention into the center of each patty. And what this is gonna do is it's gonna make sure that the burger cooks up nice and even in the cast iron skillet. So I've got a cast iron skillet over here at medium high heat. I just wanna add these burgers straight in. We'll cook them for three to four minutes on this side, give them a flip, another three to four minutes and we'll pull them right out. I just wanna use my spatula and get these out of the skillet. And now it's time to start making our gravy. So I've got one Vidalia onion that's coarsely chopped, and I've got some quartered white mushrooms. A little extra virgin olive oil to kind of loose things up a little bit. And, last but not least, season it with some kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper. [BLANK_AUDIO] Just give this a stir. And I want to saute this for about eight to ten minutes until the onions just begin to soften. So now that the onions and mushrooms have cooked down, I'm gonna go ahead and start adding my flour into the base. And I'm just gonna add this directly into the drippings. And the idea is I want this to cook for about 30 to 60 seconds That's gonna cook out the flower taste. We're gonna add in a cup and quarter of beef stock, and this is gonna deglaze the pan, this is gonna pick up all the brown bits, all that good stuff from the bottom of the pan. And then last but not least, just a little dash of worceshire sauce just to kinda give it a little bit of a sting and umami flavor So I've brought the gravy to a simmer. So it's at its thickest point. And all I really want to do is add these patties that we cooked earlier, right back into the mixture. So we'll let these cook for about eight to ten minutes until they're, Completely cooked through. I'm just gonna finish by garnishing some fresh chopped parsley, and you'll notice that I'm serving this right out of the cast iron skillet. I find that it keeps the gravy and hamburger steak warm throughout the entire meal. Serve with some mashed potatoes and some green vegetables And this retro classic meal is perfect for any weeknight. [MUSIC]
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