The Southern Gentleman's Pan-Fried Bologna Sliders

Recipe: Pan-Fried Bologna Sliders

Fried bologna, dill pickles, and whole grain mustard bring big flavor to this pint-size take on a childhood favorite.


Growing up, one of my favorite snacks was a fried bologna sandwich. So as an adult, I wanted to pay homage to that childhood classic with my pan-fried bologna sliders. [MUSIC] These are perfect for a quick lunch, a tailgate spread, or most often in my case, a midnight snack after honky-tonking in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a five ingredient meal, so any time you're using so few ingredients, you want to make sure that each ingredient Is of the best quality and that starts first, with an all beef bologna. In my opinion when I'm making these slices the thicker the better. We're basically looking at like a quarter inch slices. So meanwhile I have a cast-iron skillet over medium heat back here. I'm just gonna take these and put them right in the pan [MUSIC] Hear that perfect sizzle? [SOUND] So I'm gonna allow this to fry for about two to three minutes per side. All right, so it's time to put this bad boy together. I'm just gonna go ahead and take a piece of the cooked bologna, and what I like to do is cut it into quarters, that way it's gonna fit. On these small slider buns. What I did earlier, is that I just toasted up these buns until they are really nice and browned on the outside. And then, I was always a mustard guy when it came to my fried bologna sandwich. I was never a ketchup guy. So kind of the adult version is kind of a whole grain or creole style mustard. And then we'll top it. With a couple of pieces if that bologna, and then to add a little element of crunch just a couple of dill pickles, and there you have it.
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