The Southern Gentleman's Black-eyed Pea Hummus

Get the Recipe: Black-eyed Pea Hummus

Cookbook author, Matt Moore, swapped garbanzo beans for black-eyed peas in this Southern spin on homemade hummus. Serve this quick-fix appetizer with cut up veggies and toasted pita bread.


One of my favorite things to do is to take traditional southern ingredients and meld them into different types of cuisine. And that's exactly the case with my black eyed pea hummus. If you've never made hummus at home before, don't fret. It could not be more simple. In fact, I'm giving you guys a challenge today. This is a gentleman's kitchen. There is no fancy equipment. We are doing it old school with a classic mortar and pestle. So we're gonna start out with two cloves of garlic. And because I want some salt, to not only season the dish, I also want to use that as a way to basically form an abrasive as we're breaking this down. So I'm just gonna take this, we'll start to grind this all the way down. And you really want to make sure that you incorporate this really well into the dish. Nobody wants a big chunk of garlic when they're eating their hummus. So after that I'm gonna season it with some fresh cracked pepper. I've got a little bit of cumin for a little bit of smokey flavor. Just about a quarter teaspoon here. Alright so the start of the show is black eyed peas. Now traditionally you'll make humus with garbanzo beans, but I find that this yields kind of a little bit of a nuttier, richer result. And what I like to do is I'm going to start breaking this down in batches. So about a quarter cup at a time. So at this point to kind of loosen up the mixture, I'm going to add just a couple tablespoons of just water. And you can kind of eyeball it. For even more flavor we're going to add in some tahini. This is just basically ground sesame paste. Just a couple tablespoons. Okay, so now that everything's coming together, I just wanna add in a few more elements. I'm gonna drizzle in some really, really good extra virgin olive oil. It's gonna add some flavor, also help loosen the mixture. And then, for a little bit of zing, some fresh lemon juice. I just like to squeeze this right in. Just a couple tablespoons, whatever you can get out of maybe a lemon to a lemon and a half. I'm just gonna finish it off by drizzling some extra virgin olive oil over the top. And then for some color and some heat, I'm just gonna add in some smoked paprika. Really adds a nice garnish to the dish. So now that it's all put together, you can keep it super simple and serve it right out of the mortar and pestle or you can put it on a platter with some cut veggies and toasted pita. [MUSIC]
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