Shortcakes for Fall

Beth Dreiling
Stack the flavors of the season in these fruit-filled favorites.

Shortcake Recipes


Cooler temperatures and shorter days remind us that fall, along with its delicious harvest, is on its way. These shortcakes incorporate an array of the season's fruit--apples, cranberries, and pears--complemented by the rich flavors of cinnamon and cloves.


Flaky sweetened biscuit dough, made from all-purpose baking mix, sandwiches these wonderful fruit fillings. For additional flavor and texture, the shortcake tops are studded with nuts and a dash of spice before baking. Assemble while the biscuits are still warm, and savor the contrast of tender, flaky shortcakes and fragrant fruit combinations that makes these desserts truly special.

You can enjoy them year-round by substituting other fruits, but do try these recipes this fall. They cherish the essence of the season.

"Shortcakes for Fall" is from the September 2003 issue of Southern Living.

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