Sensational Salsa

William Dickey / Styling Rose Nguyen / Food Styling Marian Cooper Cairns
Treat your party guests (and your chips) to these fresh, flavor-packed dips.

Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl bash or simply need a few low-fuss party ideas, these fantastic salsas--developed by Test Kitchens Professional Marian Cooper Cairns--will deliver big impact. All can be made ahead and show off this traditional dip in tasty new ways.

Try serving a variety of salsas and chips for a salsa bar, or use some of the dips here to round out an appetizer menu. Tame the heat with a dab of guacamole and one of the thirst-quenching beverages we've included.

Sensational Salsa Recipes


"Sensational Salsa" is from the February 2008 issue of Southern Living.


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