Five Recipes Every Gentleman Should Know

There are few things more charming than a Southern gentleman who can fix a beautiful, delicious meal. Matt Moore, author of A Southern Gentleman's Kitchen, believes that every man should know his way around the kitchen and these five recipes are where to start. From preparing the perfect juicy burger to mixing up a strong cocktail, whipping up an impressive supper isn't as challenging as you may expect.


Gentlemen, I believe that the kitchen offers an environment for us to all become better men by spending more time cooking and sharing food. And here are five things that are indispensable for any man in the kitchen. Number one, you gotta know how to cook a great burger. Keep it super simple, 80/20 ground beef. That's a nice mixture of fat to protein. Season it with salt and pepper, nothing else. [MUSIC] Cook it in a cast iron skillet. And serve it with your favorite accoutrements. After that it comes to grilling a great steak. Allow the steak to sit out at room temperature. Season it with some basic seasonings. Cook it over high heat, and make sure you let it rest prior to serving. For the perfect week night meal, a whole roasted chicken. Season it very simply. Stuff it with some herbs. It's also an interesting pan with some of your favorite root vegetables, carrots, onions, parsnips, roasted all for about an hour fifteen minutes, and you literally have a one pan supper that 's always sure to impress. And, speaking of impressive, in the romance department, nothing is more impressive and indulgent than being able to make fresh pasta. You don't need any fancy equipment or machines. I'm laying out a template for you to make pappardelle pasta with my famous pasta Bolognese. And last but not least, pour a strong cocktail. I find that there's nothing more enjoyable than having a good drink and sharing great food with friends and family. [MUSIC]
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