No-Fuss Nibbles

Van Chaplin, Tina Cornett / Styling: Missie Neville Crawford, Rose Nguyen / Food Styling: James Schend
Fresh veggies and super-sweet fruit inspire these quick, mouthwatering lunches and snacks.

Fruit and Veggie Recipes:

When it's hot and humid outside, you probably aren't up for spending time heating up the kitchen. But you gotta eat, right? Luckily, these easy recipes offer fresh flavors without the toil.

Need a serving idea?
Try Marinated Tomatoes With Basil and Balsamic Vinegar in a variety of other delicious ways.

  • Sprinkle with feta cheese for a zesty kick.
  • Layer tomato and onion with fresh mozzarella.
  • Chop the tomatoes and onions, and stir them into pasta for a quick side dish. They're also delicious served with dressing over grilled salmon, tuna, or grouper.
  • Serve over mixed salad greens, and top with grilled chicken strips or shrimp for a light and healthy dinner.

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