We saw this really interesting video on how to revive a rotten banana. We were a little skeptical but we're gonna give it a shot and see if it works. You're gonna take your banana and put it in a large ziplock bag. We're gonna cover it with rice to dry up the moisture. You wanna seal the bag, it's important to push out all the air. [MUSIC] You wanna really wrap it up in that rice. And let it sit for one hour. It's been about an hour and we got a banana out of the rice. According to the video, it says you can take your hair dryer on a low heat setting and continue to dry the banana and it's going to come back to life. On the outside and on the inside and be perfectly fine for eating. So, let's give it a shot. [MUSIC] This is definitely not working. Now on the video, He peeled it and ate the banana. But I'm not really feeling that. As you can see, this is not something you would wanna eat. This did not work. I feel like his banana in the video had been frozen, which is what you would do for banana bread. But this is just a good old fashioned rotting banana. As opposed to being brought back to life It did not work. I just would have no desire really to eat that. For more test kitchen wisdom, go to [BLANK_AUDIO]
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