Luscious Coffee Liqueur

Jennifer Davick / Styling Rose Nguyen / Food Styling Kristi Michele Crowe
This rich elixir is the perfect addition to a hot cup of coffee. Or use it as an ingredient in our recipes.

A few months ago, our coffee-loving Food staff wondered if we could develop made-from-scratch coffee liqueur. Test Kitchen Professional Kristi Michele Crowe, PhD, not only delivered, but she also created an easy recipe (only five ingredients) that received our highest rating.

Here’s the catch: While it takes just 20 minutes to prepare, it needs to stand for one month to allow the hint of vanilla and bold coffee undertone flavors to fully develop. It complements the creamy, buttery interior of Coffee-Pecan Brie and lends subtle sweetness to Coffee Liqueur Barbecue Sauce. Our best advice is to make two batches, so you’ll have plenty to share with friends.

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