Lakeside Catfish Fry

Kick off your shoes and join this Mississippi family for a delicious down-home meal.

Catfish Fry Menu:


It's another gorgeous day on Lake Washington, near Glen Allan, Mississippi. The bream and crappie are biting (which is a lot better than the mosquitoes), and a light breeze tempers the warm summer air. At a nearby dock house, Jack and Lela Perkins--known throughout the area for their entertaining prowess--welcome family and friends for a Delta-style catfish fry.

When it comes to entertaining, Jack likes to have fun with his recipes, although he's famous for never making the same thing twice. Luckily, we were able to sneak a few of Jack's favorite recipes from his culinary bag of tricks.

"Lakeside Catfish Fry" is from the July 2004 issue of Southern Living.

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