The Best Tips For Seasoning Pork Shoulder

Follow along as we show you how to choose the right pork rub for robust flavor and perfect presentation.


[MUSIC] Peanut oil actually activates the peppers within the spice, so, and it also creates the best color in my bark. No other, oil does that. When I season the pork ****, I actually don't even season the fat side. I always season the sides first, like I do any of my barbecue. See the beautiful color this creates? It's almost like red orange. It's all about color when it comes to pork. All about color. You want your barbecue to taste as good as it looks. You can see brisket only needs a dark pepper. Needs to look kinda gruff. Pork needs to look beautiful. You need to create a beautiful bark. You can't be overly heavy handed with this rub. You can put as much as you want on there. I just make sure it's real heavy. The first layer. And the first thing to activate within this protein's going to be the salts. The salts are going to open up the pores of the protein, start digging down, and releasing moisture. That's going to activate the peppers. That's going to activate the sugars. My transition spices and my signature spices. In about 15 minutes, this things gonna be wet and just all over everywhere. It's gonna be excreting juices like a lake, all the way around it. If I like the color where it's at, then I'll hit it with a little bit more once it starts excreting juices, but other than that it should be a beautiful red mahogany piece of meat. I always like to inject down into the money muscle and I do it in one inch intervals. This is white vinegar, water, apple juice, fine ground rub, and lots and lots of sugar. I am good to go. [MUSIC]
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