The Best Tips For Seasoning Chuck Roll

Follow this pitmaster's seasoning technique and you'll have flavorful beef every time.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Christopher [UNKNOWN] I'm here to teach you some barbecue tips. When I inject in a chuck roll, while I inject down and push up, I stop, I change direction, and then I go in another direction, push down, stop. [MUSIC] Change and go in another direction. This is beef base, beef stock, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, water, my favorite base is minors. It's got like little bits of beef, it's just fantastic for beefy flavor. We want this thing to taste beefy, that's the whole goal. Beefy, beefy, beefy. Sometimes I'll add phosphates. Phosphates are used by butchers and basically what they do is they, in general make your meat juicier unlike a brine where it can make it juicier but salty. Butcher came out with a vegetable protein in the phosphate and it sells like crazy. I'll even, if I have a little bit left. Pour it right over top. Use it as the binder. [MUSIC] So, I'm using the same rub as I do on my brisket, the dalmatian rub. Tellicherry black pepper, salt, granulated garlic with a little bit of cayenne. [MUSIC] Now, with the chuck roll there's really no good way of doing this. You just want to put a really good crust of this stuff on, but just like the brisket, I still want to see the chuck roll through the meat. I don't want it like a pork **** where everything's just seasoned out like crazy. So my secret ingredient. Which I like on a charcoal grill is instant coffee. Not coffee, instant coffee. Instant coffee just quickly hydrates to water. It's going to give it both color, sophistication, cuz that's what a lot of people say immediately when they have it. They're like, ooh. I, I feel fancy just eating this sandwich. And that's because of the instant coffee. [MUSIC]
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