The Best Tips For Seasoning Brisket

We went straight to a barbecue pitmaster to find out the best way to add spice and flavor to your brisket.


[MUSIC] Best briner to use on a brisket is Worcestershire sauce. A lot of people use mustard I save that for the hot dogs. Worcestershire sauce got that nice salt flavor, beef loves salt. I always season when I do a brisket I can do the fat side real easy. But I always start with the sides. My rub consists of salt, pepper, granulated garlic, and cayenne. It's also known in Texas as a dalmatian rub. Real simple. But the key is in the type of pepper you use. It's not any normal black pepper. It's called tellicherry black pepper. It comes out of Malabar, India. The beauty of this pepper is it's not so much earthy as it is floral. Almost smells like a bouquet of flowers. And it really showcases well on a brisket. Beautiful smell coming off this brisket already. Mm. I season it just enough to be seasoned, and to see the brisket right through the. Right there the seasoning. Seasoned brisket. I just want to hug it but I'll get my shirt dirt.
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