The Best Way to Trim a Chuck Roll

Learn the most effective way to trim a chuck roll before smoking for tender barbecue that's full of flavor.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Christopher Prieto. I'm here to teach you some barbecue tips. What we have here is a whole chuck roll. This is just a beast of a piece of beef. There's a lot of different types of beef involved and layered in here. My main concern is getting rid of these membranes here. And any types of fat pockets like this. So basically there's no real technique to this. It's just cleaning it up as much as possible, because the, the best thing for this is making chopped beef sandwiches. Lots of textures involved in this meat, lots of marbling, lots of rendering going on in. In here. So we wanna make sure we take any of this really really intense silver skin right off here. And most people are wondering what silver skin is. You see how tough that is? I can't even rip that apart. So how am I gonna get flavor in it? And you can wiggle your hands in here and you can feel how this chuck roll will start to section itself away. Actually wanna try to keep it as intact as possible, but I'll search in these little crevices to make sure I can find any more silver skin. Any fat like I said that's hard that doesn't feel like I can put it in sausage, I'm gonna go ahead and remove it. It's useless to me. I'll flip the chuck over and then again there's on this side of the chuck it's obvious. This is almost like a hide. So what I gotta do, I'll push my knife right underneath that skin till I see it on the other side. And then I just draw it completely away. I don't care if I go a little deep on this because I wanna make sure that hide, see that? It's completely gone. That's some hard fat right there. Just a little bit of hard fat left and then. I think we're good to go folks. Tie up your chuck. All these different sections that are folding up together, and you can cut it off in sections, like a pork ****. Have a shorter cook time and bark all the way around it if you cut it into steaks for your guests but I like to cook it whole and then pull it all apart and chop it all up for sandwiches. You yield more meat that way, but then you keep the inside nice and tender like a nice medium rare steak, but you're cooking it to a well done temperature. Good? Yep. Yep.
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