Holiday Food Gift: Sweet Spice Blend

William Dickey / Styling by Buffy Hargett
Giving a gift to guests is a snap–we've done (almost) all the work.

End an evening among friends with this memento. We created a six-ingredient Sweet Spice Blend and put it to good use in two delicious recipes. See "Just 4 Steps" below for directions.

Featured Recipes:




  • Make the spice blend (multiply the recipe by the number of recipients), and divide between small glass jars. Use a funnel to fill narrow-mouthed jars.
  • Label each jar using a gift tag; secure tags to jars with decorative ribbon.
  • Print out copies of Sugar-and-Spice Nuts and Honey-Spice Butter. Roll up each recipe page and tie with ribbon.
  • Arrange jars of Sweet Spice Blend and scrolls of recipes on a table in the entryway so guests can take one on their way out.


"Holiday Food Gift: Sweet Spice Blend" is from the November 2005 issue of Southern Living.


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