Easy School Lunch Ideas

Having trouble packing a healthy lunch that your child will actually enjoy? These lunch ideas are not only fun to eat, but also packed with veggies and protein.


If you're like most parents, packing a lunch you're kids will actually want to eat is a daily challenge. Here are three easy and fun ideas that you slice turkey and ham. Make pin wheels, spread whole wheat tortillas with a layer of creamy fiber rich humus. You can also use pesto, both are healthy and tasty substitutes for mayonnaise. Next, add a couple of slices of roast turkey. And provolone cheese. This is a great way to add protein to the sandwich. Then layer with some baby spinach and roasted red bell pepper for color and flavor. Then just roll up the tortilla, and slice into cute little pinwheels. If you're looking for a simple gluten free option, make a wrap using black forest ham. Just spread a slice of ham with a little bit of mustard. And then add chopped romaine lettuce, thinly sliced bell peppers, and some chopped pickles. The lettuce, bell peppers, and pickles add color and crunch. Then just roll up the ham and secure with a toothpick. Finally try lunch box kabobs. These are fun to assemble and you can tailor them to your kids taste. I like to use a sturdy coffee stirrer or a wooden skewer with the tip cut off to make the kabobs [MUSIC] Skewer cucumber, mini mozzarella balls, a pickle, some sliced turkey and cherry tomatoes. The great thing about all of this lunch box ideas is that you can pull any of them together the night before. Let your kids help. They'll be more excited to eat them the next day. With these ideas your brown bag lunches will be anything but boring. [MUSIC]
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