Summertime in the South means fresh, sweet Southern peaches. And one of the best ways to use them is in an old-fashioned peach cobbler. Made just like Grandma's recipe, this oh-so-easy peach cobbler is one of our most popular cobbler recipes ever. This dessert has earned hundreds of five-star ratings from our readers because it comes together in minutes and bakes up beautifully every time. Made with basic pantry ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, milk, cinnamon) and ripe peaches, this cobbler comes together quickly and bakes up golden brown and delicious every time. While we recommend using fresh, in-season peaches, you can also make this cobbler out of season with an equal amount of frozen peaches. Simply cook the peaches down in a saucepan with one cup of sugar until they are soft and bubbly. A tablespoon of fresh lemon juice adds a nice touch of acidity to the fruit and also keeps the peaches from turning brown as they cook. When assembling the cobbler, be sure to sprinkle ground cinnamon on top of the fruit and batter mixture before it goes into the oven—that hint of spice is wonderful with the buttery cobbler topping. The cobbler is baked for 45 minutes. You’ll know the cobbler is done when the top is golden brown and has separated from the sides of the pan and the filling is hot and bubbly. The recipe serves 10 people, perfect for a large cookout or family dinner. Scoop individual servings into bowls while the cobbler is still warm, making sure to get plenty of the luscious fruit and sauce. Top each serving with a large scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream (bonus points if it's homemade) or a dollop of cold whipped cream. However you enjoy it, our peach cobbler is the perfect ending to any summertime meal.

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