Half-Hour Hostess: Party Planning Tips

Learn how to get your party started in thirty minutes or less from Half-Hour Hostess, Rebecca Gordon.


Hi, I'm Rebecca Gordon and I'm your half hour hostess. [MUSIC] Keep guests from bottle necking in one area by using several small tables for food and drink that can be sprinkled throughout your home. Your main dining room table can then be used for seating. There's no need to be so matchy, matchy. Mix and mingle your grandmother hand me down with your fresh white every day plates and glasses for a casual carefree table. Begin the evening with an empty dishwasher for easy cleanup. [MUSIC] As you finish prepping food, go ahead and fill pretty platters and bowls. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate if necessary, so all you have to do is place them on the table when guests arrive. Don't try and do everything yourself. When friends ask if they can bring something, let them. [MUSIC] Okay, on your shirt, not your napkins, roll in tie linens with ribbons or twines for a casual feel. Check your gardening gift wrap supplies first before buying anything. If starched and pressed napkins are a must, Send them out with your dry cleaning and let the professionals do it for you. [MUSIC] For a sophisticated look choose one color in several shades that speak to your party theme. For more tips pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine and visit Southernliving.com.
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