The Best Way To Cut A Watermelon

Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin demonstrates the best way to cut a watermelon into bite-sized pieces.


We saw this really cool video online on the fastest way to cue a watermelon, so we thought we'd give it a shot and see how it works. The first thing you wanna do is cut your watermelon in half. Once you get it split apart, you wanna make three incisions on either side going about halfway into the watermelon. There's two and three. I'm gonna turn it around and do the same on this side. Then you want to take your knife and just carefully go around the rind You want to go pretty deep, about three quarters, almost all the way through. You wanna go around very carefully, removing this beautiful watermelon from the rind. When you get to that point, you want to take your knife and again going about three quarters, almost all the way through, and make cuts length-wise, and you want to make cuts, again, going cross ways. [MUSIC] We can see it's making these nice little cubes. You can go as big or as small as you want. All right, let's see how this works out. Wow! This is pretty fantastic! I think that worked out pretty well. As you can see there's still a little bit left in there. If you could just kind of go in and pull that out. Still nice and cubed. So I would say this is a successful method, super fast, really easy to do. How we would normally cut watermelon here, soon living, is we would take the rind off the watermelon. Cut it into nice big slices, and then cube that. And you know, to be honest I really like this way a lot better. I think we'll start doing it Like this. For more test kitchen wisdom check out [MUSIC]
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