How To Make a Tomato Pie

Tasia Malakasis, author of "Southern Made Fresh," shows our very own Grumpy Gardener how to make a picture-perfect tomato pie.


These are absolutely gorgeous. And I'm going to show you how to make something almost as beautiful as this, raw and fresh. This gorgeous tomato pie. Okay so. Really simple. We've got all of our ingredients here. I'm gonna slice these tomatoes and what I want you to do for me please. We've got a little mayonnaise, a little parmesan cheese, and a little bit of lemon and I want you to mix that all up together. This whole thing goes in there? You can do it. All that in there. Okay. And the lemon too? And the lemon too. What is this thing? It looks like a Christmas tree ornament. You know what? You get fancy implements in the garden and I get them in the kitchen too. Do I need to show you, what do to? Yes. Because I'm not sure. This is going to help us get all of that lemon juice out. You are going to take that and use all of that root force and squeeze that lemon. Okay. You're doing such a fabulous job; so proud of you. Yeah, this cooking stuff is so much easier than gardening. Yeah? I don't know. Okay,so I'm going to start my, while you are doing that, I'm going to place these tomatoes on a paper towel over here. And you may ask me, Why, Toshia, are you doing that? Why, Toshia, are you doing that? Because I am going to salt them and what, do you think, might happen when I salt them? You might get salt all over the table. [LAUGH] I don't know. So that's going to leech some of the juices out of these. That's exactly what I was going to say. We don't want our tomato pile to be too juicy, so we're gonna let some of that happen, and then we're gonna pat them dry Okay, so we've got a little bit corn, we're gonna put that in the bottom of our pie crust that I've already premade. I need a little of this. Tell me about what kind of basil this is. That looks like spicy globe basil, which is a very, has very small leaves and grows into a little round mound in the garden, so if you don't have a lo of room for a plant it's really nice Smells great, too. So I'm gonna sprinkle some of that basil, and we've got some chives. Oh, that looks dangerous. Not if you do it correctly and you hide your fingers. I guess. Okay, just a little bit of chives. Got my basil, chives, corn. And more salt and pepper. [MUSIC] And now, not yet, not yet, I'm gonna take some of these gorgeous raw tomatoes, and I'm gonna layer them. Okay, second layer of corn on top of those tomatoes. Same thing. Some of our chives, and some basil. Now I've had some chefs tell me that they think that it's bad luck to chop the basil. Now, I chop it all the time, but they usually tear it. So we'll do one layer of chopped and one layer of torn. How's that? [CROSSTALK] Just for luck. A little more salt and pepper. It's gonna be your turn. Are you ready? Okay. I'm just beside myself with joy. Okay. So I want you to spread your parmesan mayonnaise and lemon juice mixture on top of these. One more layer of tomatoes and then they go in the over and you're gonna be so happy with what comes out. Spread it over the top like this? Yeah. You can do that. Is that looking? Yes. that's exactly the way I want it. [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Okay, all right and then last layer. Another layer of tomatoes. Another layer. Yes. We went through all this trouble to grow them. Okay, for the final touch on this recipe. I need a little Parmesan cheese on top. This is the magic part. Is this Parmesan cheese. It's Parmesan. And you want me to put all of that- I do. All of it. Okay. Don't be shy. You should never be shy with cheese. Okay, isn't that beautiful? So, just like in the garden, where you might tent something to protect it- Right. From temperatures. We're gonna do that with this pie. We're gonna keep the crust, the gorgeous golden color that it is. So, we're gonna take this to the oven. 375 for about an hour until it's all warm and bubbly. Look at that. Voila! A tomato pie. That is beautiful. Isn't it beautiful? I think the only thing that would make that more beautiful is just a few more of these herbs that you grew for us. So I'm gonna take some of this basil and these chives that you so lovingly grew. And dot them on top. Can I do some? Please. Goody. Goody. Goody. Make sure your composition looks just like a beautiful garden. [MUSIC]
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