Emeril's Watercress and Celery Salad

Learn Emeril Lagasse's method for making this easy and delicious recipe.


There's so much that you can do with celery, from salads to carpaccios to just as a sauteed vegetable. So here it is, showing them my celery and watercress salad from my book, Essential Emeril. You wanna wash the celery properly, and then you wanna trim the celery as well. And I always save these peelings in a zip bag, for when I'm gonna make stock. With a peeler, from the top down to the bottom. You're actually gonna peel the celery. And what you will have is delicious Tender bites of celery by peeling it. Now, there are many types of mandolins that you can buy. This is a very simple one and as you can see what we are doing is were just gonna take and slice now our celery into very very thin Slices for our salad. You see the thin, beautiful pieces of the peeled celery. Okay, let's put together our salad. We have beautiful watercress, as much as you like, thinly sliced, red onion. I happen to love red onion. A little bit of julienned cut of Salami, or you could use prosciutto as well. Tiny bit of grated parmesan reggiano. And then look, our beautiful celery. Oh I love it. A little salt. A little bit of pepper. And the dressing in essential Emeril, a little lemon Dijon caper vinaigrette. You can see how yummy and light this looks, and we're just gonna spoon just a little bit of the dressing. I don't like the salads overly dressed or wet. And now we're gonna just toss this beautiful salad. Now what we'll do is We'll serve a bit of this, and get some of those celery yummies in here as well. We just garnish with just a little bit of shaved parmesan reggiano. There you have it, a watercress and celery salad from Essential Emeril. [MUSIC]
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