Emeril's Seven-Minute Frosting

Learn Emeril Lagasse's fast and simple recipe for turning any dessert into a masterpiece.


[MUSIC] This seven-minute frosting is a great recipe to have on hand. It's absolutely a show-stopper and can turn any dessert into a masterpiece in only seven minutes. So, we're gonna begin with a sauce pan with water, sugar A pinch of cream of tarter, a pinch of salt, and a little bit of corn syrup, now we want to mix that, wisk it all together. Now what's gonna happen is the water and corn syrup is gonna begin to start dissolving the sugar, and as it begins to dissolve. The key now is the temperature. So we wanna cook this so the temperature gets to 240 degrees, very important. While that's happening is I wanna add our egg-whites in here. Here it goes, magic. [NOISE] Check it out, like little clouds. Seven minute coconut frosting. How 'bout that for a coconut cake? You should check it out in Essential Emeril. [MUSIC]
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