Emeril's 5 Tips for a Perfect Cheese Board

Learn Emeril Lagasse's simple advice for creating the quintessential appetizer.


[MUSIC] You know, cheese, wine, and bread are my holy trinity of the table. I often offer a cheese board as dessert at my house. Here are five essentials to keep in mind when creating your cheese board. You should offer an odd number of cheese. Three ro five usually do the trick. There are so many cheesemongers out there. Make friends with one. Get to know one. And pick his or her brains about what cheeses are happening. Today, these happen to all be from America. But there are cheeses from all over the world. You should choose cheeses from mild to funky. Here we have a selection of five of my favorites. When I'm creating a cheese board, I want to have a hard cheese, a bleu cheese, a cow milk cheese kind of soft in texture, a goat's milk cheese, and something that's really funky. This is sort of like almost like a fondue type. Present the cheese on a large platter, make sure each cheese has its own knife. You should always let the cheese sit at room temperature for at least an hour. And some cheeses even need more time. Never serve cheese directly from the refrigerator. The cold dulls its flavor. Enhance the flavor of the cheeses by adding extras. Here we have moustada which is a combination of fruits and sometimes mustard and sugar. We have sugar and spice nuts, honey, apples. those are really great accouterments for a cheese board including some crisp bread. Just add wine Have a cheese party from Essential Emeril. Cheers! [MUSIC]
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