Emeril's Tips for Perfect Pizza Crust

You won't find a rolling pin near Emeril Lagasse's pizza dough! He's sharing how simple it is to shape your crust by hand.


[MUSIC] Hey folks, put the rolling pin away. I'm gonna show you how to shape pizza dough by hand. It's an essential technique that everyone should know. You want to let your dough rest and proof as it begins to start getting airy from the yeast. And now we're gonna take our shape. Flour Very important on your surface, not too much, not too little. We're gonna take our pizza dough, keeping it round. And with our hands, we're just slowly just expanding the dough without really toughening the dough. Keeping that round shape as best as we can. Now once we have a good round disc to work with, the next important part is to shape the crust. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go around and make indention with our fingertips. And now we're ready to start working the dough. You can see, just with my fingers, I'm stretching the dough, keeping that shape until we get the desired round and thickness that we want. There you have it. [MUSIC] Perfect pizza dough in Essential Emeril. [MUSIC]
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