Emeril's 12 Essential Spices

Want to cook like Emeril Lagasse? Always keep these spices on hand.

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[MUSIC] Are you ready for this? Here we go. The twelve essential spices that everyone should have in their pantry. Number one, salt. I mean, come on. Black peppercorns. I'm a big fan of black peppercorns in a pepper mill to have fresh cracked black pepper. Everyone needs thyme. Dried thyme is great especially for a lot of creole cooking. Dry oregano you can put it on bread, you can put it on pizza, you can use it in your red sauce. One of my favorite bay leaf from the Laurel tree, another crucial spice in Creole cooking. Cayenne Pepper, another essential spice, in not only in Creole, but Cajun food as well. Crushed Red Pepper, yum. Paprika, there's sweet, there's hot and there's also smelt paprika, also labeled [UNKNOWN] chili powder it's a blend of chilis that's grounds. This comes in a range of heat levels with different flavor profiles. Some of them could be smoked great for south west mexican style foods. Cumin I happen to be a big cumin fan I love making beans with cumin Emeril's original, the essence, or other creole seasonings will work as well. And then, last but not least, it's the Emeril magic. Celery salt. Yum. There you have it 12 essential spices for essential Emeril.
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