Emeril's Easy Barbecue Shrimp

Watch Emeril Lagasse prepare this home cook's verision of his essential dish. Find more recipes and expert tips in his cookbook, Essential Emeril.


[MUSIC] If I had to choose one essential recipe, my barbecued shrimp would be it. Barbecue Shrimp has been on the menu at Emeril's Restaurant in New Orleans since day one. I created a version for the home cook in my book, Essential Emeril. Here it is. You want to start by peeling and de-veining the shrimp, leaving one shell and the tail and keeping the heads and the shells off to the side. Before we start making the base, we want to season the shrimp. Cracked black pepper, my creole seasoning or essence. And a little bit of fresh chopped rosemary. We wanna toss these spices in with our shrimp evenly coating them and we'll set them off to the side. I decided to make sort of a base an extraction and here it is. The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna toast. The shells on high heat with a little bit of oil. And, we're going to toast that for about three minutes. Now, you can see how the shells are beginning to start toasting, turning color, extracting all of the flavor out of that. We're then going to add some onion, some chopped garlic, to that we're going to add a cup of white wine. Three-quarters of a cup of Worcestershire sauce. About three cups of water, some hot sauce. And then we're gonna now add the juice of about three lemons. Now, we're gonna let this come up to a boil and then we're gonna let this simmer and concentrate those flavors to make our Barbecue shrimp base. Once that cooks about 45 minutes, we're ready to then strain the base. So, now the base is strained. Now we're going to take our shrimp and begin to start cooking them. And, the great thing I love about shrimp is that they sort of almost have a built in thermometer. You'll see how those start turning pink. It smells so good. Okay, when the shrimp are about halfway, we're gonna begin to add our base. And you can see how now the shrimp are not all the way cooked, because we wanna let them cook a little bit in the sauce. To take on that flavor. So what we want to do is just add a tiny bit now of butter, and bring the whole sauce together. This is delicious as an appetizer, delicious as a main course, great for a party, a special occasion. We're serving it with some beautiful rosemary biscuits. And just a little bit of garnish. And there you have it, BBQ Shrimp, homestyle from Essential Emeril. [MUSIC] m
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