Cake Decorating Ideas: Fondant Snowflakes

An elegant and easy decoration plus one perfect layer cake, equals white cake nirvana.


[MUSIC] I'm Vanessa Rocchio with Southern Living test kitchens and I'm gonna show you how to dress up the classic Southern Living big white cake. Starting with snowflakes. We have right here some fondant. It's very easy to roll out. You can roll it out on some, a little bit of powdered sugar. You can find fondant at craft stores and also cake decorating stores. Take a cookie cutter, this is a snowflake, so you just pull away the extra fondant, push out from the snowflake cutter. As you can see how easy that was. Then you take a teardrop cutter and place it in the inside of the fondant and what that does, is gives you the traditional snowflake look. Now you can see over here, we let 'em dry for about 12 hours. They're really delicate, but easy to work with. To add a bit of sparkle, we're gonna sprinkle with a little bit of sparkling dust and then add edible glitter. First, what you do is you brush it with vodka and you're probably wondering why I'm using vodka. It helps the glitter and the sparkling dust stick to the fondant and it also dries really quickly because it's alcohol. If you use water, it will also dissolve the glitter and it wont dry as quickly. So you can see I brushed all thee edges. Then I take a little bit of sparkling dust. It's really sparkly and pretty. You can sprinkle it right on there. Then just a little bit of thee editable glitter. You can see how simple this is, you can do this ahead of time, and just set it aside until your ready to start to decorate the cake. What I have here is a little extra frosting. This will be the glue to be able to put the snowflakes on. And it doesn't matter how you put 'em on, it's what you think is pretty. So I also have some half snowflakes. So I'm gonna place some of those on the top. Just begin to build, just placing the snowflakes on the cake. You can add a couple little snowflakes and to, for it to stick on the side of the cake, put a little bit of frosting on the snowflake itself. The reason that we're putting some of these snowflakes on the side of the cake is because I wanted it to look like winter wonderland. And I also added a little bit of edible pearls around the cake. This adds some beauty to it and it also is kind of like a little pearl necklace. Edible garnishes are great because you can cut and serve the cake without worrying about taking the garnish off. You can find more holiday inspiration in Southern Living magazine and on southernliving,com. [MUSIC]
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