Cake Decorating Ideas: Fondant Holly

An elegant and easy decoration plus one perfect layer cake, equals white cake nirvana.


[MUSIC] I'm Vanessa Rocchio with Southern Living test kitchens, and I'm going to show you how to dress up the classic Southern Living big white cake. This classic Southern Living big white cake was inspired by beautiful holly during the holidays. Roll out the fondant until it's about a quarter of an inch thick, then take a holly leaf cutter and cut out the leaves. Now to make them look like holly, we take a sharp paring knife, make a slit all the way down the holly just to cut, so it looks like veins. So the holly doesn't lay flat on the cake, another trick I do is I'm gonna make a little mold for the fondant. Using aluminum foil, I twist and crumple it in different shapes, then take the holly leaves, and you can twist them to make different shapes. After the holly has dried for 12 hours, then we're gonna use a little bit of vodka to brush on the holly leaves. I sprinkle edible sparkling dust on top. You can see, it just adds lots of sparkle to your cake. So what I start with is some of the holly, and you can see, you just press it into the cake. I put three in at a time, and then take a cranberry, and push it right into the cake. What I love about this holly cake, is the more you put on, the prettier it looks. It doesn't have to exactly touch the bottom of the cake. It can flow up and down. It can be the center of the cake, flow to the side, whatever you feel looks the prettiest. You can find more holiday inspiration in Southern Living Magazine, and on [MUSIC]
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