Cake Decorating Ideas: Dot-Push Frosting

An elegant and easy decoration plus one perfect layer cake, equals white cake nirvana.


[MUSIC] For this classic white cake I came up with a great piping technique that looks really fancy. But it's easy, and quick, so let me show you how to do it. You take a piping bag and this is a round tip. It's about a quarter inch in diameter, so it makes a perfect circle. Place a dot at the top of the cake and slowly go down with dots. Then take a small offset spatula and press lightly on the dot and then push. Sometimes I like to wipe it off on a napkin, it's a little easier to do. Or you can just pull all the way through. Go all the way to the bottom. Now when you start the next layer of dots, I kind of off set it just a little bit. Starting at the top, and going all the way down. And you will kind of get into a little bit of a rhythm when you start to do this, and you will begin to see the cake start to have this great look to it. Sometimes I like to twist the bag a little bit to be able to have a little bit more control. And you don't want the frosting too soft. So it hasn't been sitting out at room temperature too long. But you also don't the frosting straight out of the refrigerator, because then it will be too hard to pipe. Just keep making the dots. Push and pull, push and pull, push and pull. And you go all the way around the cake. It almost looks like a basket weave. [MUSIC] When we were about to take a picture of this cake, we figured out it just needed a finishing touch. So we decided to do was the same dot-push method at just around the edge. And it kinda finishes off the cake a little bit. It's such a polished pretty look and all you did it with was some frosting. Here we have the classic Southern Living cake that's so pretty, so elegant, and so easy. You can find more holiday inspiration in Southern Living Magazine and on [MUSIC]
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