The Southern Living Pulled Pork Sandwich

Photo: Jennifer Davick
Our Test Kitchen took cues from the pros to bring pit-barbecue flavor to the backyard. Here's the breakdown. Definitely try it at home

The Sauce 
This tomato-based sauce perfectly balances heat, spice, and sweet, letting the meat shine. We love the dark molasses for that extra depth of flavor and the kick from the chili powder and black pepper.

The Meat
A juicy pork butt rubbed with salt, cumin, ginger, garlic, and sugar and scented with hickory smoke equals hog heaven. Pitmaster bonus: a crisp layer of bark.

The Bun
Forget fancy. There's nothing we like better than a pillowy eight-pack of white-bread buns—soft and pliable and perfect for sopping up sauce. Sesame seeds are dealer's choice.

This tangy confetti of cabbage, green tomatoes, and peppers gives a fresh crunch—way better than plain ol' potato chips.

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