Holiday Flower Box

This easy step-by-step video will show you how to put together your Southern Living Flower Box.


Hi. I'm Cormin from Southern Living. And I'm so exited to bring flower box to you. We wanted to bring the pages of Southern Living into your home and hope you create all the beautiful arrangements that you see in the magazine. I have created a really easy, simple, and lush arrangement for you. And inside your box, you will find cyclamen, ivy, fittonia, creeping fig, pine cones, and moss. So, let's get started. First, choose your container. Any shape will work. This should be 10 to 14 inches wide, and probably about at least 4 to 6 inches deep. Your kitchen is the perfect place to find a vessel. I'm actually using a serving piece that was given to us on our wedding day. Now, let's rehydrate your plants. They are thirsty after their travels. I like to do this in my kitchen sink. It's easy and quick. Fill your sink up with about four inches of water, and place your plant and moss. And let them drink for about three to five minutes. Drain your sink and let the plant sit for another three to five minutes. Now, it's time to start planting. You can protect your serving piece by lining it with plastic. If you are using a pot that has a hole, set it atop a china saucer to protect your table. We don't want it to get wet. Now, let's plant tall to small. Place the cyclamen in the center of the container. You may need to remove some of the soil. And it's okay to squeeze the root ball between the palm of your hand to make it fit. If you see any yellow leaves, go ahead and pinch those off, as well. Anchor each side of your container with ivy, place the fittonia, and then, place your creeping fig. Finish your container with moss. Remove the excess water and tuck around the edges of the container. Not only is this decorative, but it helps retain the moisture. Now, let's make it Southern Living. Add clipped greenery to your container. Snip several pieces of fir, spruce, or cedar from the back of your Christmas tree or from your garden, and tuck into the edges of the container. It gives it that finishing touch. You can also repeat this on the table and finish it with pine cones. To keep your container looking good, water when soil is dry to the touch. Stick your finger about an inch into the soil. If wet, don't water. If dry, pour a fourth cup of water at the base of the plants. I hope you've had a fun time dressing your table for this season, and enjoyed your flower box. Happy decorating and have a merry Christmas from Southern Living.
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