What to Wear to a Summer Cookout

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we’re getting our grills fired up for our favorite summer pastime: cookouts. Assembling the menu may be easy with our bevy of recipes for food and drinks, but when it comes to everyone’s favorite warm-weather gathering, choosing the right outfit is no simple task. To help with your wardrobe woes, we’ve assembled five foolproof tips for your next summer shindig.

1. Look to Linen: Between scorching temperatures and sky-high humidity levels, your best bet for keeping cool is this loose-fitting, breathable fabric. We’re fans of this Mexican Etches Linen Dress ($78.99) by Alabama-based Judith March.

2. Play With Pattern: White may be the protocol for most summer festivities, but at a cookout, barbecue sauce can quickly become your worst enemy. Sidestep a wardrobe disaster and disguise any mishaps with graphic prints like Elizabeth McKay’s Bamboo Lattice Tie Blouse ($195).

3. Save Your Soles: It’s hard to go wrong with a good pair of wedges, but don’t be afraid to opt in favor of comfort for this casual occasion. These slip-on Laser Cut Ballet Flats ($195) from Houston-native Elaine Turner offer the perfect balance of panache and ease.

4. Make it Minimal: For a no-fuss, carefree look, keep your makeup and accessories at a minimum with a classic pair of earrings and chic shades. We love the Elle Collection Earrings ($52) by Austonian Kendra Scott and Kayce Hughes’ Iris Sunglasses ($98).

5. Show Off Your Beaus: Don’t forget about the man in your life. A cotton button down, khaki shorts, and sturdy pair of loafers will keep him looking dapper and feeling comfortable. We think Southern Marsh’s Hookbill Gingham Shirt ($75) is perfect for any barbecue affair.

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