The Best Southern Bow Tie Makers on National Bow Tie Day

We had so much fun with our first-ever National Bow Tie Day #putabowtieonit challenge. Later tonight we reveal our nominees for the winner, but first let's take a look at some of our go-to Southern (and some honorary Southern) bow tie brands and how they got in on the #putabowtieonit fun.

Mo's Bows: Dapper and playful ties handmade by 12-year-old (yes, 12!) in Memphis, Tennessee.

Brier & Moss: Georgia-based collection known for its Southern Stripes collection and designed by two Southern gents.

Brackish Bow Ties: Feather bow ties made using handpicked rooster, pheasant, turkey, and peacock feathers found around Charleston, South Carolina.

Alton Brown: You might know this Georgia boy for his work in the world of food, but lately we've been crushing on his bow collection with Hook + Albert.

High Cotton Ties: North Carolina-based tie makers with a cult following for its wide-array of ties and pocket squares, as well as polos and headbands.

Southern Proper: The Atlanta brand was our partner-in-crime in this little #putabowtie on it endeavor. They also have some of the most creative and fun bow tie prints around.

Cordial Churchman: Made-to-order ties hand stitched in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Belles of Cotton: North Carolina mother-daughter duo sewing up whimsical ties for men and pups. Plus, cute skirts for gals to boot!

Social Primer: Charleston-based men's style purveyor with a flair for the dashing and fashionable.

South Sail: Because girls need bows too!

Did we miss your favorite bow tie designer? Tell us about it in the comments.

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