Our Favorite Swimsuits Under $100

Five one-piece styles that flatter, fit, and won't bust your budget.

Photo: Robbie Caponetto

All product featured in this content was editorially selected. We may receive commission from links in this article.

  1. Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit in Brilliant Peri, $88; jcrew.com
  2. On a Tide Note One-Piece Swimsuit in Cockatoos, $79.99; modcloth.com
  3. Paddle Board One-Piece in Navy Dot, $44.99; downeastbasics.com
  4. Draped One-Piece in Black Stripe, $39.99; target.com
  5. One-Shoulder Bouquet One-Piece, $79.50; limericki.com
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