6 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Style

Style editor Ashley Williams and model Finn Jasele walk us through three easy ways to wear a lightweight scarf, how to perfectly cuff jeans, and two ways to layer necklaces.


Hey y'all, I'm Ashley Williams, I'm the style editor here at Southern Living. I'm here with my friend Finn and we're going to show you six easy ways to elevate your style. [MUSIC] The first thing I want to show you You guys is how to get three totally different looks with one lightweight scarf. First, take your scarf, fold it in half and then drape it around your neck. Next, you want to play with the scarf until you get the best parts of the print right in front. Now, take a belt, one that fits you snugly at your natural waist, wrap it around your waist. Fasten it as you normally would. And there you have it. The next thing I'm going to show you is how to make a faux knot. Take the same scarf, fold it in half and then drape it around your neck. Now take one end and push it through the loop. Take the other end Cross it over the loop, and pull it through in the other direction. Play with it, fluff it until you're happy, and there you go. [MUSIC] So the third way that I'm gonna show you, is how to take a regular scarf and make it into an infinity scarf. First what you want to do is find the corners. Take two of them, and make a snug little knot. Take the second corners, and tie those in a knot as well. And now you have one big loop. Take the knots and put them to the back of your neck. Pull it straight here, find the center, and just twist it over. Take that loop and pull it over your head one more time. Play with it until it looks just right, and there you have an infinity scarf. Okay, I'm gonna show you all how to roll your jeans perfectly. What you wanna do is start by rolling once, about a half inch to three quarters of an inch, then roll a second time. Now, take the jeans on both sides at the seams and pull taut so that you eliminate any sort of excess fabric. [MUSIC] Now pull them down, and if you've got an inch to a half inch in between your shoe and the bottom of your jeans, you've done a great job. [MUSIC] So now I want to show you all two difference ways to layer necklaces. Finn here has on three that work really well together and here's why. The first one sits right at her collarbone and it's an all gold plate The next one comes down about an inch and a half and is a dime size pendant with a nice teal color. The third one is a bold green tassel, it comes down much further. Together all three of these create a nice group. [MUSIC] So now I want to show you all how to layer statement necklaces. I started with a really bold pink tonal necklace that I've hung [UNKNOWN] about at her collarbone. Now I want to add a little bit of sparkle and layer it just above the boldest part of the pink necklace. I'm going to play with it, get it just right. And there you go. You have a whole new statement necklace with just a little bit of sparkle. [MUSIC] For more style videos, check out SouthernLiving.com [MUSIC]
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