Reese Witherspoon Launches Fashion Line Inspired by Her Southern Roots

Reese Witherspoon is finally taking on the role of fashion designer, thirteen years after she acted as one in Sweet Home Alabama. The Draper James collection, named after her maternal grandparents, is now available for purchase. Witherspoon strives to share her love of Southern culture through her collection, and also wants to inspire people to visit the places that she holds dear to her heart. In addition to clothing, jewelry, and accessories, the brand also has a selection of home and gift items.

The clothing pieces range in price from $50 to $400, and some pieces sold out within hours of the launch. Bright florals, bold checks, and delicate lace can be found throughout the collection.

As any good Southerner would, Reese also included a number of monogrammed items, including a bag (shown below) and cocktail napkins. A magnolia printed bag with a monogram is a dream come true for any Southern Belle.

A statement necklace is a summer must-have, and ivory and gold are the perfect colors to compliment any outfit.

We are obsessed with these greeting cards. In the South, we can always find a reason to send a hand-written letter, and these cards are definitely the perfect reason.

We have shared just a few of our favorite pieces, but you can check out the entire collection at

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