Wear Radiant Orchid for Spring

Photo: Greg Dupree
Spring is the ideal time to flaunt Pantone's Color of the Year, the prettiest shade of purple-pink.

Single and Tri-Stone Bracelets | Wear these stacked or mixed with your favorite bangles. $28 and up; marlynschiff.com

Michelle Necklace | We're sweet on this updated candy necklace. $68; danaleblancdesigns.etsy.com

Violet 100 Shine Lipstick | Keep everything else understated when rocking D&G's fuchsia hue. $33; sephora.com

Scarpa Clutch in Circus | Leather lends a rugged edge. $70; leahsingh.com

African Violet Nail Lacquer | Add drama with this deep shade from Austin-born Tom Ford. $32; neimanmarcus.com

Physician Endorsed Brixby Fedora | Comes with a discreet drawstring to fit you exactly. $40; solescapes.com

Pom Pom Scarf | Tie this scarf twice around your neck and tuck the ends into the folds. $50; robertarollerrabbit.com

Amethyst Glam All-In-One Palette | A guide on the back helps you decipher what goes where. $50; lancome.com

Myrtlewood Chalk of the Town Dress | We love this flattering fit. $87.99; modcloth.com

Shoe Republic LA Lusy Heels | At this price point, it's okay if these get a little scuffed up on the dance floor. $33; lulus.com

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