Our 5 Favorite Trench Coats This Season

Gear up for rain season with the most stylish of water-resistant accessories: the trench. Go with the classic khaki-colored knee length version or try something with an updated twist like a cropped cape. Here are the five we love!

1. Cape Cut— This stylish take on the classic trench makes rainy days easy to take. MICHAEL Micheal Kors Double Breasted Trench $195; zappos.com (pictured above)

2. Feminine Detail —We don't shy away from frilly details, and we don't mind that this ruffle-front jacket brings a hefty dose of girly to the table. Jessica Simpson Zip Ruffle Front Trench, $130; zappos.com

3. White Washed & Tailored— We swoon over head-to-toe white done right. This trench is the fool-proof way to achieve the look. Tailored Trench, $198; thelimited.com (available April 8th)

4. Relaxed Silhouette—The traditionally structured trench look loosens up in form of this nudey-pink version. Cameron Cropped Trench Coat, $69.00; dailylook.com

5. Gingham Print— We've officially found our favorite way to wear one of spring's hottest trends. Check Trench, $195; longtallsally.com

We want to hear from you! What's your favorite way to wear the trench?

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