Made in the South: Ashley Pittman

Looking for a hint to drop to your Valentine? I'm dropping mine now! Can someone please email a link to this blog post to my husband?

I'm crazy about the work of Dallas designer, Ashley Pittman. She has managed to create a business making jewelry that employs over 75 artisans in Africa with fair wages and opportunities for growth. Can you imagine how great it must feel to find a career that lets you do what you love and make such an impact on people in need? Leave it to a Southern girl to pull that off with style!

You will love her jewelry without knowing her story but, I promise you that knowing it makes you love the jewelry even more. After a 2006 trip to Rwanda volunteering for The Clinton Foundations HIV/AIDS Initiative, Ashley put the skills she learned in law school to good use and set out to build a sustainable business that would help the people she was impacted by. Her first collection was picked up by Bergdorf Goodman--pretty fancy!--and has grown leaps and bounds since.

The horn used in her jewelry comes from Kenyan Ankole Cows which are a food source for the local community and villages. No worries--the animals are not harmed in order to obtain the horns and they are raised in a sustainable pasture-based system. She thought of everything!

So, forward this post to your Valentine and drop your hint! Aren't we doing the gents a favor by telling them exactly what we want?

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