Beach Bag Essentials: For Her

Photo: Robbie Caponetto
Suit up and stand out in these style essentials just right for a Southern summer.

The Bag
Leather accents add weight to this woven cotton tote, handmade in Atlanta.

The Hat
A crochet overlay gives a feminine take to this baseball cap.

The Towel
Supersoft towels that are totally customizable.

The Sunglasses
The latest designs from NOLA brand KREWE come in sleek and stylish shapes.

The Cover-Up
A breezy beaded tunic by the queen bee of beach style.

The Swimsuit
This bold red Marysia suit is an Everything But Water exclusive; pair with a skirt after hours.

The Wristlet
This water-resistant bag can afford to get a little wet.

The Shoes
Memory foam on the Jasmine flip-flop makes trekking around the coast feel like walking on sunshine.

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