Behind The Scenes: Shooting Arm Candy

Join photographer Robbie Caponetto and photo stylist Caroline Cunningham on the set of our Arm Candy photoshoot from the February 2017 issue. The team used 32 pounds of candy hearts to style this fun and bright spring purse story.


Hey all. This is Robbie Cappanetto. I'm a staff photographer at [UNKNOWN] Living Magazine. We have 32 pounds of Valentine hearts, and basically we're getting started to do the shoot today. Hi, I'm Caroline Cunningham with Southern Living. I'm a photo stylist, and today we're shooting Valentine's Day. I've been looking forward to this shoot for a while, it's candy hearts. Just super cheerful and happy. It's not every day that you get to work with 32 pounds of hearts. So we ordered all these hearts from Amazon. It took about two weeks for them to come in. [MUSIC] This is like a video game. Tried to find all the broken hearts. Thanks for joining us today. We had a great day today, a great shoot. And we look forward in the magazine, February 2017. [MUSIC]
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