What You Can Learn From 8 Women Who Embrace Gray Hair

What's so bad going gray? Our friends at Real Simple went on a search to find women who choose to go against the norm, free themselves from box color and never-ending salon appointments, and embrace the hair on their head—just the way it is. These 8 empowering women are all ages, and they love their gray.


My gray hair, it makes me feel like a unicorn. Like I feel special and uniques. [MUSIC] By age 29 I sort of was like Okay, well, this is silly to be nervous about this, and I think i really just started to embrace it. I have inspired a lot of people to go To go gray and let their hair be natural. People often stop and tell me they wanna do it. They're afraid they don't know what it will look like. And when they see it's just easy to be natural and let it go as it's supposed to go, they are inspired to do it themselves. In feels great in terms of not being stuck to a routine of having to [MUSIC] To dye your hair periodically, you can just be you and not hide yourself. My gray hair makes me feel sexy. I mean, I almost feel like that expression "Blonds have more fun" now it's like "Grays have more fun." I love my gray hair now because it means that I've earned something, and that I own myself and that I'm presenting myself for who I am. For who I am. [MUSIC]
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