Skin Care Tips Southern Women Swear By

What to do and what not to do? Here are our best-kept secrets.

Anna Aguillard
Skin Care Regimen
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Southern women learn from a very young age to take care of their skin. We've had great role models with smooth, healthy, glowing skin. Yes, we're looking at you, Mother and Grandmother. We've rounded up a few of our favorite, easy-to-follow tips for keeping our skin looking beautiful.

ALWAYS: Start With Sunscreen

While we've heard it a million times, we often forget this important step. The Southern sun is extremely hard to hide from, so slathering on a high-quality sunscreen is the best way to prevent imperfections and signs of aging. Fill the hollow of your palm with SPF 30 or higher, and coat your face, neck, and ears.

NEVER: Step Foot in a Tanning Bed

We always choose to look like the porcelain doll over the wrinkled leather bag. If you want a touch of color, brush on bronzer and blush for a healthy, sun-kissed glow that doesn’t cause skin cancer.

ALWAYS: Avoid Heavy Foundation

Southern heat and humidity will have that heavy foundation melting off faster than a Popsicle dropped on the driveway. Don't believe us? Just step outside on an August morning. We suggest using a good primer, concealer, and light powder. 

NEVER: Hate on the Humidity

Yes, we mean it. If you love our summers, you're actually grateful for high humidity levels, which can leave skin supple, glowing, and soft. (And if you're like us, you like to look on the bright side.)

ALWAYS: Prep Your Purse

Being prepared is half the beauty battle. Combat the unavoidable sweat and high-shine by keeping your purse filled with oil-blotting papers, finishing powder, and rose water mist.

NEVER: Wear Makeup to the Beach

Sounds obvious, but some women don't like to embrace a naked face. If you're heading to the beach, allow your pores to breathe, and let the salty air work its magic.  

ALWAYS: Wash Your Face

Make sure to wash your face in the morning and at night. We suggest using a gentle, tried-and-true cream cleanser, such as Pond's Cold Cream (a grandmother-approved pick).

NEVER: Over Exfoliate

Moderation is key, especially when it comes to exfoliating. It's smart to exfoliate once or twice a week to revitalize dull skin; over exfoliation can cause excessive shininess, swelling, and even breakouts.

ALWAYS: Eat Your Greens

Keeping a healthy diet plays a huge role in maintaining gorgeous skin. A vegetable-rich diet provides vitamins necessary for a healthy complexion. So load up on the collards, kale, spinach, and more. 

NEVER: Over Do It With the Sweets

This one is tough for all of us - we do love our sweets. Again, it's just about enjoying that ice cold glass of sweet tea or homemade dessert in moderation. When it comes to flawless skin, cut back on sugar and hydrate more. In fact, without adequate water, your skin will appear duller, and your pores larger. 

ALWAYS: Stick to Your Routine

Consistency is key. If there’s one thing we respect in the South, it’s steady tradition. If you want to see positive skin-transforming results, you must be diligent about your routine. Don’t skip a morning or night – and never, ever skimp on your beauty sleep. 

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