What Does Real Beauty Mean To You?

We took to the streets of Birmingham, Alabama to talk to local Southerners about how they define real beauty in their own lives. The responses were pretty unanimous, from both men and women – true beauty isn't something we can put on in the morning.


[MUSIC] Think beauty means inner beauty. How you feel inside.>> Real beauty means class, grace.>> I would say like, always just stay true to yourself.>> Being comfortable in your own skin, not without a worry in the world.>> The way they carry themselves, shows you instantly their confidence.>> That's not on the outside. It's all inside. I definitely think we define beauty differently in the South. We set the standard for beauty in the South. I tend to think people dress up more on a daily basis in the South. Yes, we have a lot of blondes in the South for sure. I think they care more about their appearance. I like to think of us in the South as trend setters. Northerners may be like, we don't do that up here. It's different. [MUSIC] Beauty begins on the inside and emanates to the outside. When I'm in my car listening to some music. When I dress up nicely, when I'm smiling, hanging out with my friends. I know sometimes when my hair looks right, the make-up's right. Looking in the mirror and just looking at myself, and telling myself. You are great. Those small little moments make me feel good. I just feel beautiful, I know I'm just there. I feel good. I feel like I look good. And everyone wants to feel beautiful and we all kinda Need to make sure that we're verbally telling other people how beautiful they are. Just embrace your beauty. Always be you and be comfortable in the skin that you're in. It'll take you a long way. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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