Behind The Scenes: Shooting Nail Polish

Before it becomes a pretty picture, it starts as a messy photoshoot. Come behind the scenes with photographer Robbie Caponetto to the nail polish shoot for the April 2016 Southern Polish story.

See the story: Southern Nail Polish


Hey, I'm Robby Capaneto, I'm photographer at Southern Living Magazine. We're shooting the pouring of some fingernail polish and we're just getting started so, come on and join us. Now this is a messy shoot. [MUSIC] So, we're gonna try to add some glycerin to the product. Basically, we're gonna add the glycerin so instead of just the drip, we're gonna get more of a constant. That flow like this of a waterfall. [MUSIC] What we're doing here is we're shooting this on a plexiglass cube. And then once we have it shot, we'll take each individual makeups, and they'll strip them out, and then we'll add them all [INAUDIBLE] Master shot. [MUSIC] [NOISE] I took that started out. [MUSIC] [NOISE] Boy, that's a good one.
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