Southern Style Inspiration: Atlanta

Whether you're in Buckhead, downtown, or east Atlanta, its not hard to spot classic Southern style. We're showing you how to nab the best looks from Georgia's capital city.

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[MUSIC] Atlanta is one of the most interesting Southern cities when it comes to style. You have prepsters in Buckhead, urbanites downtown, and hipsters in East Atlanta. It all comes together in a medley that's cool, classic, funky and traditional at the same time. Take Kirk Stafford, a men's style expert with a fearless approach to dressing. I love the way his checkered suit and stripes are aptly matched. That level of mixing and matching is an art that can't easily be taught. But what we can learn from Kurt's look, is that when it comes to men's suits, fit is key. Gentlemen, befriend your tailor. [UNKNOWN] PR girl Ashlyn Stallings look has that level of prim and elegance that we love of southern women. Take a cue from Ashlyn and know that you'll always look put-together in a crisp button down and full mid-length skirt. I love this look on accountant Will Smith. His Lucchese boots are perfectly worn-in, and he effortlessly represents what is practically the uniform of the southern man. Plaid shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. Distressed jeans are back, and I love the way shop owner, Emily Bean Livenzey wears hers. When the pants look rough and edgy, keep everything else sleek and neutral. Mens inspired women's wear is a trend that has become a tradition. With her chic sandals, nipped waist, and rolled up sleeves, Caroline Fontenant even makes the pocket square look feminine. For more southern style and tips. Go to
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