Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush: A Stylish Sister Act

There is perhaps no stronger bond in a Southern woman’s life than the one she shares with her sister – and her sister’s closet. Take a look behind the scenes at our Florida photoshoot and learn Jenna and Barbara's style secrets.


[MUSIC] I would steal a lot from my sister's closet when we were younger, because we're twins that means we were always the same age. Both younger, yeah. We were both younger. She had a A nice style sense. There was a period where we went through the my so-called life. We wanted to be like Angela Chase like every other person in America, every woman. And so [UNKNOWN] had some nice plaid 90s shirts. Baby doll dresses. A baby doll dress that I would try to just squeeze into. And I would like to steal those. I like also, who doesn't love an accessory? [INAUDIBLE] I'd like to steal some of your jewelry. [LAUGH] Really, I would steal anything that I could get my little paws on. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I guess a trend that I secretly wish would come back, I'm rocking now, I'm very into 90s. I like the minimal look, and I believe in the bell bottom. I don't think the bell bottom ever went away. Well, it's back, if it did. The best tip she told me, I've been pregnant twice now, I have two little girls. And when I was pregnant, she really wanted me to wear body contour. Just show off the belly. Yeah, show off the belly. Yeah, embrace it. And everything else stayed somewhat small-ish. Bodycon. So she thought I should wear Bodycon which I'm not listening to right now on this peasant top. Sorry. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I'm not afraid of showing up in the same outfit as Barbara. Mainly Because we do have different taste. We have a different look. We have a different look, and we have a different body. So things that look good on me don't necessarily look good on Barbara. And the one thing that I think hopefully we both do right, cuz nobody doesn't want to do this right. This is the number one tool, is we dress for what we got. You know what I'm saying? [LAUGH] We dress for what we got, and we dress for what we don't have. So for example she may be able to wear a crop. I've just had a child so I cannot be in a crop. [LAUGH] So things like that make it where we wouldn't show up in the same outfit. But we both look good. [LAUGH] Right? [MUSIC]
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