Me Or My Sister? The Bush Twins Play the Sister Game

There is perhaps no stronger bond in a Southern woman’s life than the one she shares with her sister. SL Editor-At-Large Jenna Bush Hager and her sister Barbara Bush play the Sister Game – telling us who’s the best dressed, who’s got the best sense of humor, and who Mom likes more.


Okay, ready? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] You are? [LAUGH] No, I don't know. What were you gonna do? I was gonna do this. That's cute. Not me, nor my sister. Cute, good idea. I'm gonna tell mom that you said that. No, I did this. [MUSIC] They like us both the same. [LAUGH] To our faces. Behind our backs, We don't know. [MUSIC] That is so mean! [LAUGH] [MUSIC] The best sense of humor is [MUSIC] Well my sister's the funnier one, but I am a laugher. That's right, which works out perfectly, because you laugh at my funny jokes. Yes, mm-hm. That's why I like having you around. That's what I thought. [MUSIC] Probably me because I cook. Yeah. If you cook, you might be good. Maybe we would known, but we don't know. [LAUGH] We don't know because she's never cooked. I would say you're more of a set designer for food. Yes. You can put food out nicely. Yeah, buy it, place it. But it, put it out, place it, you're a place setter. [MUSIC] Probably. I'd say, you would? Well you think you'll live in New York forever maybe, and I may go back to Texas. I'm not sold on that. You might move back to Texas too? Maybe. Then, hiya. Wait, what? You text incessantly. You text [LAUGH] incessantly. Well, you text me first. [SOUND] [LAUGH] Just kidding. [MUSIC] Thank you. You're welcome. You win that award. Cuz I learned how to, She can take score in a baseball game. Take score when I was little. [MUSIC] When I used to be able to fit into her clothes. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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