Family Traditions with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush

There is perhaps no stronger bond in a Southern woman’s life than the one she shares with her sister. From Mom’s cheese enchiladas to holidays in Florida, the twins talk about family, traditions, and the board games that bring them together.


[MUSIC] I think one of the things that we loved about growing up is we come from a really big family with a ton of wild cousins. And we would always get together twice a year, during the holidays in Florida, and then in the summer in Maine. And it was, we just would play outside endlessly with our wild boy cousins. And they still to this day tease us Which is so much fun. So I think being surrounded by family is probably my favorite memories. [MUSIC] Growing up in Texas, we eat mexican food for Christmas eve. Christmas, yeah. So I think any of my favorite family recipes come from a mexican dish that we love. Probably my mom's cheese enchiladas. They're good. See, we're twins. [BLANK_AUDIO] Well, I mean I think my parents raised us thinking that we were the most important things in their life which with an unbelievable gift.Obviously my parents were very busy and had a lot going on. But we always knew that we came first and I think that that Gave us a lot of confidence in ourselves, and also showed us what family really is in terms of putting each other first and being there for each other. I think the other thing that people might not expect is that our parents raised us to have our own beliefs. And I think that that's really important. And I hope that I can mold little thinkers in my daughters to where they feel like they can go out on their own [INAUDIBLE] and think for themselves. Well, growing up we went to Maine every single summer, we've been there every summer of our life. And, because we have such a huge family and so many cousins and aunts and uncles, we'd just spend all summer with all of our family members. Now when we were little we would just run around and play outside all day long, and now as we're older we do that. But our cousins come and bring their kids, and Jenna brings Mila and Poppy, and so we get to do that with each other, with other little people around. [MUSIC] Well we played some pretty intense Scrabble as a family. We still do, on the iPad. On the iPad. Also, we're very into puzzling and we invented a game called Puzzle Genius which makes puzzling competitive. When we were little, we used to play Sorry and we like to play cards. And backgammon. And backgammon. So yes, we do love a game. We love a book and a game, so that makes us official nerds. And we like it. And We're proud. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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